The LaserRadio

The LaserRadio One Tube Radio

This Laser Radio I built on consignment for a gentleman in the northeast. His inspiration came from the very first James Bond 007 movie from way back and he provided all the planned dimensions and hoped for features. After reviewing all his input I was able to explain what was possible and what was not and made suggestions for modifications as needed. The process required a good deal of communication as we worked through all of the details and the end results are just outstanding.

This is, in fact, a regenerative radio that runs a very small speaker. The main and tickler coils were wound as honeycomb and mounted in their separate housings on one end of the main tube (2.5" plexiglass). A special housing for a small halogen light and blue filter was machined and mounted behind the coils.

A section of small AirDux short wave coil was mounted inside the main tube to create a special effect as the blue light of the 'laser' beams through it. The tube is a VT136 with an extra long solid brass plate cap that inserts into a specially machined socket at the end of the main tube.

Brass rods were used to convey the tube contacts along the exterior of the main tube where they (and the wires from the coils) enter glass tubes via brass caps. The glass tubes carry color coded wires down and into the base for connection with both of the on/off switches, phones, antenna and ground connections.

The vertical 'tower' and the 2" thick base are both padauk wood. The tower has wires that were specially routed through it for connecting the tube plate to tickler coil, regen control, speaker, tuning capacitor and the light's power lines.

This is a trial to see if there is a demand for imaginative and creative people who just do not have the tools and machinery to turn their ideas into reality. I will make a review of all proposals and notions and then provide an assessment of what I believe I can do with it all.

Seed money (earnest money) will need to be paid up front before I start acquiring and cutting expensive materials for any project. How much will be needed will depend on the particular project. I will provide an estimate of the parts costs and the labor needed as best I can although any brand new projects like this will always harbor unknown difficulties and unexpected hours of additional work.

I maintain an honest tally of hours worked and will provide an on-going progress report as work advances. I also provide pics of the project at critical points and will ask advise and preferences when ever possible.

This radio is not available. The page remains for archival purposes.

Order: #T-002

The LaserRadio One Tube Radio
The LaserRadio One Tube Radio
The LaserRadio One Tube Radio