Coil Winders

Kipgen's Coilwinder Tool

This Honeycomb coil winder features a 2" diameter virgin nylon hub, 30 pins of 8/32 machine screws, 30 pin-sleeves also of virgin nylon and two anchor bolts. Virgin nylon resists chemicals, heat, abrasives and releases coils with greater ease. Hard-wood handles yield comfort and excellent control.

Honeycomb coils are said to have very high 'Q' values which make them ideal for any crystal or tube radio - especially DX sets! They are also handsome and make a beautifying addition to your projects.

This picture shows a 263 µH coil made with 165/45 litz wire although magnet wire of just about any gauge can also be used. Countless styles, patterns, widths, wire types and µH values are possible with this single winder. Your own imagination is the only limit to the variations that you can make.

Winding Honeycomb coils is fast, fun and easy once the fundamentals are understood. A detailed instruction package is included with all winders shipped. Most anyone will be winding coils in just a few minutes with this winder.

Price: $74 plus shipping.

Kipgen's Coilwinder Tool